How do I get access to the LifeHack Membership portal?

Step #1: Activate Your Account

When you first join LifeHack Membership, you will receive an account activation email.

Check your emails for the subject:  "Get started with your LifeHack Membership account"

Inside will be a link to accept your invitation, from which you will be prompted to setup your account.

If you didn't receive an email:

  • Check your spam folder in case it went there
  • Notify us at so that we can resend you the invitation

Step #2: Setup Your Login and Password

After clicking on the link in Step #1, you'll get a form to setup your new LifeHack Membership account and password.

Step #3: Setup Your Profile

Next, setup your profile information. You can choose to add more details later. Save it and get started right away!

Step #4: You're Ready!

You'll see the "Start Here" space inside LifeHack Membership, where you'll be greeted by a message from Simon and some guides on how to get started.

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