How to contribute to Lifehack?

Guest Posting / Contribution:

If you’ve been a reader of Lifehack for any length of time, first off – thank you.

Secondly, you’ve probably noticed that we have a wide variety of guest contributors who offer up tips, tricks, tutorials and more. But have you ever thought about contributing yourself?

If you have and you’re looking to do so, we’re always on the lookout for fresh material. And this piece here will let you in on how to write for us here at Stepcase Lifehack.


Should apply on our page. We generally don't take one-off articles for guest posts unless in special circumstances (ie: if it's a very well known person like Elon Musk). Instead, we are looking for people who would like to contribute on a regular basis at Lifehack.

Selection Criteria:

Currently, we are looking for authors who have an established presence/expertise/reputation within a certain field. We look for existing websites and published articles, and a big bonus for having a social following. They should have a certain degree of authority in their subject matter so that readers have confidence when reading their pieces.

How Long Does it Take?

We get a lot of applications, so it may take a few weeks for an application to be viewed and processed. If you haven't received any communication from our editors within 2-4 weeks time, consider your application denied.

Activation Emails

The Activation Emails get sent from our Editorial team when screening successful Contributors. We contact successful candidates personally and send them their activation emails manually from our writer-side back-end.


Do we allow them to include a do-follow link back to their own site?

Our policy is that a link back to their own site/articles is okay as long as it is relevant and adds value to their article. However, a link that is blatantly for advertising purposes will most definitely be noticed and removed. Repeated instances of this will cause our Editors to take action. This usually starts with a warning, followed by escalations - ending up in banning the Contributor in question. Generally, this is a very rare occurrence.

Also, Contributors can add links to their website, social media profiles, and any published works on their author profile, which is displayed and linked to on any articles they publish on Lifehack.

If you do allow such links to the author's content elsewhere, does share in any revenue that can be realized from this traffic flow out of your site?

We don't share in any revenue from outbound links leaving Lifehack.
However, our editors are rather strict on the types of links that can be included. So if they find that a link does not add value to the content, or is a blatant link for marketing purposes, they will remove it. Our editors have also removed authors for having repeated instances of trying to add blatant marketing links on articles.

Can they also suggest certain topics to our Editorial Team with the hopes of being able to write it?

When a Guest Contributor is first on-boarded, we send them a questionnaire to fill out that helps us to understand them and get our Editors primed with the right information for working with them.

As a Guest Contributor, they will be assigned an Editor to work with them. This is a collaborative process, so we very much encourage them to suggest topics. The job of our Editors is to help to mold these ideas into pitches/briefs that can result in an article that fits Lifehack's content.

Editors communicate directly with their assigned Guest Contributors through Email/Intercom on a regular basis. This means that Guest Contributors have a direct line to our Editorial Team - this should be their primary communication channel.


If a contributor wants to write a blog and be posted on our site and offer payment, we do not accept but we can still refer them as a guest contributor

Inactive Contributors

These are Guest Contributors who are not actively writing but still retain their Contributor level Lifehack accounts.  

There are two situations where we set a Guest Contributor to be Inactive:

  1. They pro-actively let us know of a change in their decision to contribute
  2. They have stopped replying to our Editors for a long time (a month) after repeated follow up attempts.

For Inactive Guest Contributors who would like to return, we generally review their profile again based on the whether they left because of reason #1 or #2.  For reason #2, we will be more stringent - because each Guest Contributor gets assigned an Editor - these are resources that we would like to spend wisely.

Downgraded Contributors: We have many older Guest Contributors who have been dormant for over 6 months and do not meet our current screening requirements.  For these Contributors, we have downgraded their accounts to a regular Member account.  This means that they no longer have access to the writer dashboard and features when they log in.

If they would like to return as a Guest Contributor, they are required to re-apply and go through our screening process.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to write for Lifehack, it’s time to start the journey to actually writing for Lifehack!

We’ll hope you’ll look into joining us soon.