Returning/Existing Author FAQs

We made a list of common questions we get from our Authors, some are guidelines and others are basic troubleshooting. This list will be constantly updated as we encounter more so make sure to bookmark this page. 

Q. How do we change our name that is displayed in the article as well as in search engines.

A. After logging in, a user can edit their Display Name on their Profile page. This can be accessed from the pull-down menu on the top right.

Q. The link to my author page reveals my email address, how can I change it?

A. Kindly contact us so we can escalate the issue to one of our teams.

Q. I have updated my email, now my bio says "page doesn't exist". I changed it back and still the same thing.

A. Our tech team needs to look into this issue. This should be reported as a bug, please click the link and fill out all the fields required.

Q. Does the link for author/regular member activation has an expiry? If so how can I get a new one?

A. Activation links don't expire, but if you are experiencing problems, contact us so that the issue could be escalated to our team, for now, to manually send you a new one.

Q. I'm not used to the new platform, where can I see my published articles and how do I send some new contents?

A. Seeing Published Articles:

  • Users can only see their published articles if they have a Contributor / Author account. Contributors have a Dashboard which they can access when they login which shows all their in-progress and published articles. 

    Sending Contents:

  • In our current editorial system, our editors discuss topics with the contributor first and assign them a pitch from which they start writing. This means that contributors cannot initiate a new article on their own.

Q. Can I post the article on my Social Channels?

A. Yes definitely. Once an article is published we highly encourage this.

Q. I want my account to be deleted permanently, is this possible?

A. This depends on a case by case basis, for example, if the account has articles published under it, please contact us so we can escalate it to our Editorial Team.

Q. How do I re-activate my contributor account? 

A. If you were a contributor and your account is now a regular member account that means that you've been inactive for so long that it was downgraded. In this case, you need to re-apply.

Q. What if I don't like the Editor assigned to me? Is there a way for me to be re-assigned to a different one? If so, how?

A. Please contact us so we can escalate it to our Editorial Team.

Q. I'm an active writer for a couple of years now with you. Is there a way for me to get some compensation?

A. Guest Contribution is not paid - it's, in fact, a way for many writers/experts to promote them through a huge channel. We don't plan on making it paid now or in the future, as this would defeat the purpose of Contributing.

Q. How do we know or where do we check when an article will be published?

A. Kindly contact your Editor who will have the best knowledge about it.

Q. How do I contact the Editor that is assigned to me?

A. You may contact your Editor either by Intercom or email.

Q. I have a notification that say's my article will be posted on X/XX/XXXX date, but it never happened, I've been waiting for a few weeks now and never got an update. 

A. Good question! This should be brought up with the Editor that they were in touch with to get a status update. It could be that this article was screened before being published but the writer was not notified about it. Please contact us so we can escalate it to our Editorial team.

Q. I used to contribute but I forgot my login details, can you send them to me?

A. Your login should be your email address, and you can use the "Forgot Password" form to recover your password if needed.

Q. I'm a returning writer what will happen to my old account and published articles once my status has been reinstated?

A. If you have an existing account, we will generally resume that account as a Contributor / Writer account.

So that sums up the common questions we have as of the moment, if you don't find what you are looking for here then please don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist you further.