What is the Time Flow System?

The Time Flow System is our philosophy on how to allocate time and take action.  It is the foundation of LifeHack's solution to time mastery and forms the "must-have" guiding principles and actions that everyone should start with.

Key Philosophies

The core beliefs and guiding principles that this system embraces:

1. Fluid Progress - Like Water

  • Fluid means transforming your future dream into the present moment, bit by bit.
  • It's not black or white, all or nothing. It's about growing and accumulating the scenario/lifestyle you want in a more organic way rather than rigid.
  • You don't need to wait till "something" before you can enjoy that future. e.g. "I can finally enjoy life when I retire"
  • With this system, progress flows like water. It embraces the reality of constant change. It flows around obstacles and shifting time challenges.

2. Pragmatic Priorities - Choose Your Battles

  • Embracing your limitations is the first step to taking control.
    • Understand that you can't change or tackle everything simultaneously. You must prioritize and focus to optimize time and energy.
    • Only then can you take intentional control over how you allocate your time.
  • Proactively adapt to your circumstances, rather than expecting the circumstances to adapt to you.
    • Set the right expectations. Don't be afraid to start small (even one hour a day is okay).
    • Be flexible. Be realistic. Only allocate time you are prepared to commit.
    • Be true to yourself. Once you commit your time, honor your commitment.
  • It's not about quantity but quality.
    • Even tiny progress is better than no progress.
    • Doing just one thing is better than doing nothing... as long as that one thing counts.

3. Sustainable Momentum - PLAN Weekly, DO Daily

  • No matter how big the goal, success depends on taking consistent actions to sustain momentum.
  • We believe that sustainable momentum always beats "one-shot wins" or instant gratification.
  • Plan Weekly - Every day is not equal. Unexpected things happen. A weekly overview gives you the flexibility to allocate Focus Blocks around changing circumstances and constraints. It's much easier to plan and re-arrange actions throughout the week than within a day.
  • Do Daily - Because consistent action drives real progress, no matter how small. Instead of planning for large unrealistic chunks of time, the "do daily" philosophy focuses on pragmatic progress.
  • Staying flexible while taking small but consistent action is what builds sustainable momentum.

4. Master Your Time - Three Goal Focus

Embrace a strategic mindset with three essential ways to regain control and become the master of your own time.

Reclaim Time

Gain back the time that should be yours in the first place... but is lost due to misunderstandings or blind spots about your own time.

Save Time

Squeeze more out of the limited time that you currently have... by adopting smarter perspectives and tactics on how to allocate and spend your time.

Make Time

Create time to invest for growth in your life... by breaking free from your current habits, routines and patterns and transforming them into time that is more and more meaningful.

How It Works

We keep the flow going through 3 basic elements: North Stars, Initiatives, Focus Blocks. Each element flows naturally into logical actions in the next element.

⤷ The Flow starts with...  North Stars
These are major life  scenariosstages, or  landmarks that you really want to achieve. They serve as your inspiration and aspirations.

⤷ Flows down into... Initiatives

These are your engines of progress. They focus on a specific milestone to set forth plans and actions for achieving a quantifiable objective.

⤷ Flows down into... Focus Blocks

If Initiatives are the plan, Focus Blocks are the action. They are the unit of progress because they set your minimum bar for action.

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